Tips for Moving Your Business

Taking the plunge and moving your business? Whatever the reason; from a new customer base to a better location, it is important to hire the experts for a smooth move. Moving can be time-consuming and overwhelming but hiring the professionals at 1st Choice Movers can make it as seamless as possible. We are the trusted name in commercial moving for St Paul and can help you move your business. And, as experts in the field, we also have a few tips to help you along your way.

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Limit What You Need to Move

Make sure you’re only taking with you the things you need. Donate office equipment and any items you won’t need to take with you. Weed out old files and consolidate excess items. Now is a great time to part with old phones, copiers, printers, computers, furniture and even office supplies that you no longer need. Why pay for moving items you do not need when you can recycle them or give them to someone in need?

Pack Early

When it comes to commercial moving, it is important to never wait until the last minute to pack. Packing in advance can allow you to keep everything organized, which is especially important for a business.

Update Your Contact Information & Address

For a business it is especially important you update your address and contact information. The last thing you want is to wind up losing clients because they were unable to get ahold of you or you never received important mail from them.

As with personal moves, you will need to notify the post office, your creditors, bank, etc. If you bill clients, be sure to tell them clearly to update their contact information for you, so payment is sent to your new address.

Also spend some time searching for your business online by name. You may find your business is listed in referral directories that will show old contact information that will need to be updated.

Make a List

While a commercial moving company takes care of much of the move, a moving to-do list for every stage of the process can help you ensure no tasks are overlooked or items forgotten.

Hire a Trusted Commercial Moving Company

A commercial moving company like ours is specially trained in taking care of a move quickly and efficiently without accidental damage to your property.

Would you like to learn more about commercial moving in the St Paul area? Call 1st Choice Movers at 763-559-5934, or you can contact us to set up your Free Estimate.