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Moving Checklist: Who to Notify of Your Move

Congratulations on your move! If you’ve hired movers, you will no doubt have much time to sit back, relax and enjoy your new home. But, there is one major step you must take care of before your move; you’ve got to tell everyone! And, knowing who exactly to notify is essential to a smooth transition…. Read more »

10 Moving Tips from Professional Movers

It seems you can never get enough moving tips. Here are some simple things to remember the next time you move to make things easier. If you need movers in St Paul, you can give us a call to make transporting your items from your old place to your new a swift and easy process…. Read more »

Preparing for Professional Movers

When you are moving, there is plenty to think about and do. You have to make a lot of different decisions, and there is usually a strict time frame that everything has to be done by. One thing you should think about and prepare for is the day your professional movers arrive. You might think… Read more »

How to Unpack After Your Move is Over

Just when you think the most stressful part of your move is over, it’s time to unpack! But don’t worry: there are plenty of ways to make this process easier. As residential and commercial movers in Hennepin County, we have learned some great tips over the years about how to make unpacking a little less… Read more »