Professional Movers do the Moving For You

Moving day is coming right up! Do you really want to spend that time moving and placing your furniture and accessory items in your new home yourself? Why not hire some professional movers for your St Paul area move? They can help eliminate the stress of moving day. 1st Choice Movers have been a first choice to so many in the Twin Cities area for some years. We would like to provide you with some advice if you have never hired professional movers before. See below:

It is a very good idea to assemble a list of items that will be moving with you to your new home. The more detailed this list is, the better. Try to create an inventory of the number of boxes, each individual piece of furniture, each individual appliance, and the rooms that these items will be moved into, and so on. If you have any massive items (piano, huge couch, etc.), it is advisable to notify the professional movers in advance. This information ensures that the professional movers arrive with the right size moving truck, that they provide enough movers and equipment. Hang on to your list, utilize it on moving day.

Professional movers should be informed of anything that falls outside of the lines of ordinary regarding your move. If large dogs are milling about and are unavoidable, parking issues, security gates, elevators, stairs exist at any location, indoor/outdoor portions of the move are involved—these are the types of things professional movers should be made aware of.

Saturdays, summertime and/or the last weekend of any month are the busiest times for professional movers. Keep this in mind as you plot the when for your move. It is also a good idea to start as early as possible on any given day, allowing timely arrival and a fresh start to the day for your professional movers.

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