Preparing Your New Home for Moving Day

If you’re moving soon, it’s important to get in order a few things at the place to where you’re moving. The more you have planned, the smoother things will go. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the major things you should have prepared at your new home before our team of Minnesota movers arrive.

Assigning Rooms

Before the move, go through your new home and assign each room. It will be easier to collect your thoughts and really plan where you’re going to want things. If you have children, let them choose their rooms before you moving day. You may find it easier to pack when you have an idea of where things are going to end up. You may even consider labeling each room to make it easier for you and your movers to get your belongings to the right location.

Furniture Placement

While you have our team of movers assisting you, it’s a good idea to get the furniture as close to its final location as possible. We want to make sure the dining room table makes it there and all the beds are in the right bedrooms. This is only possible if you have some planning and preparation done ahead of time. If we get your furniture in the correct room, you can always reorganize later.

Be There

The best laid plan is only as good as the person with the plan. It’s important you’re present on the day of your move. We need to be able to communicate and work with you. We’ll need your assistance in getting everything placed in the correct location. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, but we still need your input.

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