Preparing for Professional Movers

When you are moving, there is plenty to think about and do. You have to make a lot of different decisions, and there is usually a strict time frame that everything has to be done by. One thing you should think about and prepare for is the day your professional movers arrive. You might think all you have to do is make sure everything is packed and ready to go, but there are a few other items you should make sure you get done too. Here are a few tips from some professional movers in the Twin Cities.

For starters, make sure you know what our movers are and are not allowed to move. For example, we cannot move paint cans, gas cans or firewood. You might also want to move fragile items yourself, including computers and electronics. These items should be moved either before or after our movers arrive at your house. If you will be moving them after, be sure to let us know what items not to load.

We will lay down protective coverings on your floors, but if you have any area rugs that are particularly valuable to you, you might want to move those aside as well. It is better to be safe than sorry and err on the side of caution, even though our movers do everything they can to ensure your belongings do not get damaged.

Make sure there is a clear path between where we will park our moving van and the front door of your home. This includes shoveling snow or de-icing the sidewalks if it has recently snowed. You also want to be sure there is a clear path inside the home for use to get your items out. In other words, don’t leave last-minute items in hallways or places where they could be tripped over while moving other larger items.

Finally, be sure every last item is packed, boxed and ready to go. Make sure all boxes are closed and sealed with packing tape. You might want to have an empty box or two set aside for last-minute things you need to pack. That can also help you stay organized while our movers are there doing their work.

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