Moving Service St Paul

Moving Service St Paul1st Choice Movers is a professional moving service in the St Paul area, serving the greater Twin Cities and people throughout Minnesota. We assist in residential and commercial moves, always here to help when you need help moving your home or your business.

Working with us is easy too. 1st Choice Movers is known as a reliable and trustworthy moving service in the St Paul area, and we have helped countless home and business owners like you with all of their moving needs. Call us today for more details!

Our moving box program helps eliminate some of the stress leading up to your move. You will be offered the chance to use our boxes and other accessory moving items for your relocation. Boxes of all shapes and sizes (the obligatory small, medium, large as well as dish and wardrobe) are offered as well as bubble and stretch wraps on moving day.

Call us up to find out more. We will provide a free estimate on our services so you will be adequately prepared for how much to budget for. Also, if you move during the middle of the month, you will receive a discount. Call us and we can give you more details on this special offer.

Professional Moving Service

Since 1993, 1st Choice Movers has been a respected and highly sought after moving service. Family owned and operated, we provide the moving services that you expect at affordable prices.

With 1st Choice Movers, you need not worry about hassle and/or rigmarole. All you have to do is call us to schedule your moving appointment. You will then be placed upon our schedule and our moving team will be at your home or business promptly, always on time as promised. It is indeed that simple.

When we conduct your move at home or office, we lay down floor covers and take any and all preventative measures to try to make sure that your carpet, floors, walls and railings do not sustain any damage during the moving process. All of your wares are treated as though they are our own. We always strive to exceed your greatest expectations.

Call us up to find out more! We will give you a free estimate, discuss the details of your move, field any questions that you may have and tell you all that there is to know about the services we offer.

Hire Our Moving Service

If you would like more information on our moving service in the St Paul and Twin Cities areas, call 1st Choice Movers at 763-559-5934 or you can contact us to set up your Free Estimate.