Moving Day Must-Haves

professional moving minnesota 1st choice moversMoving day is stressful, even if you hired a professional moving company. Minnesota homeowners know they can trust our team to handle moves of all sizes.

We thought we would share another tip on how to make moving day less stressful: what items should you have on hand to make moving day go a little smoother?

Permanent markers

Even if you were done packing before your professional moving team arrived, you still might want to have a permanent marker or two on hand. You might notice that you forgot to label a box or another item and having a marker ready for this task can make it a bit less frustrating and time-consuming.

Extra packing tape

You might need to pack a box or two (or more!) on moving day, or you might need to open a box for some reason and then reseal it. Either way, you are going to want to make sure you have an extra roll or two of packing tape laying around, just in case.

Extra boxes

Sometimes, throughout the chaos of moving, you miss something. It might even be that small closet near the bathroom that you never think about, or maybe you forgot to pack the cabinet under your kitchen sink. Times like these, extra boxes (and packing tape) are invaluable.

Toilet paper and paper towels

Don’t forget to leave a spare roll of toilet paper in your bathroom, and be sure to have a roll or two of paper towels too. Spills and accidents happen, so it makes those situations a lot less stressful if the paper towels are easy to find. You might also need to do some on the spot cleaning, and having the extra paper towels around will come in handy for that too.

All-purpose cleaning product

As mentioned, you might need to do some quick cleaning on moving day, so having a multi-purpose cleaner around is helpful as well.

Extra trash bags

Not only are trash bags good to have one lying around so people have somewhere to throw their trash but they are also good to carry stuff in, especially smaller, softer items you might have to pack at the last minute, like bedding or towels.

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