Moving Company in Minnesota: Details to Consider

When you’re moving in Minnesota, there are many details to think about before the arrival of your moving company. Minnesota moves don’t have to be stressful! 1st Choice Movers has some tips to help you get organized and stay organized before your moving company arrives.

The first thing you should think about is the logistics of your move. Does your old Minnesota home have a driveway? Does your new one have a driveway? If so, your Minnesota moving company can park its van there with no hassle or worry about blocking traffic. But if one (or both) of the homes does not, then you have to think of a Plan B. See how much space you have on the street in front of the house that does not have the driveway, and make sure there is plenty of room for the moving company van plus any traffic that needs to drive by. You also want to make sure any walkways are clear of debris so your moving team can easily get in and out of your house.

Take the time to visit your former neighbors to say goodbye and to make sure you return anything you have borrowed from them over the years. Have you had Mr. Smith’s rake for the past year? Now would be a great time to return it – before your moving company arrives. This also gives Mr. Smith the chance to return anything he has borrowed from you over the years! Plus you will get a chance to stand around and chat and reminisce about the years you spent as neighbors. It’s a great way to say goodbye to your former Minnesota neighbors!

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