Moving Checklist

When you are planning a move, keeping track of everything you need to do can get a bit overwhelming! So we prepared this moving checklist to help you keep track of what you should do and when you should do it to help ensure your move is as stress-free and efficient as possible.

6 to 8 weeks before your move

  • This is the best time to get in touch with us to schedule your move. We will have ample time to put you on our schedule, and it also gives us plenty of time to answer your questions about our moving services.
  • Create a staging area for your boxes, packing tape and other moving supplies. That way, you always know where everything is. You can also use this space to start storing your packed boxes.
  • Gather up contact information for utility companies and other pertinent companies. You should also have a list of emergency contacts in case something comes up.
  • Get a notebook, binder or folder and use that to store important documents, business cards and other information. Get a change of address form from the United States Postal Service or you can change it online. (It takes about 7 to 10 business days for your mail to start forwarding to your new address, but you can adjust the forwarding date for up to three months in advance.)
  • Start contacting your insurance companies to update your contact information and, if necessary, your policies.
  • Be sure to notify your children’s school that you are moving if they are switching schools. Get school records and other documentation sent to their new school. Collect medical and dental records too.

4 to 5 weeks before your move

  • Update your contact information with your bank, cell phone service provider, credit card company, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, etc.
  • Call your electric, phone and Internet companies to schedule the day your old service should stop and your new service should start.
  • Start going through your basement, attic, garage, closets, storage areas and other similar rooms. Pull out the items you don’t use that often and start sorting through them. Separate them into three piles: keep, donate and throw away.

3 weeks before your move

  • Return any items you may have borrowed from neighbors or friends, and return your library books too.
  • As you pack up your items and empty rooms, begin the cleaning process. Dust, vacuum or sweep and check spots for items you may have missed during the packing process.

2 weeks before your move

  • Take some time to pack every day between now and your moving day. Even if you can only spend 15 minutes at a time packing, do so. Try to avoid leaving this task until the last minute so you aren’t running around trying to pack as your professional movers are arriving.
  • Stop going grocery shopping and start eating the food that is left over in your refrigerator and cupboards.

1 week before your move

  • Clean and defrost your refrigerator and freezer. Baking soda is a great way to get rid of any lingering odors.
  • Pack a box of essentials: a few changes of clothing, toiletries, paper plates, paper towels and other items you will need when you first arrive at your new home.

Moving day

  • When our movers arrive, be sure to be available for any questions they may have for you.
  • Make sure all of your packed boxes are labeled.

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