In-Town Moves: Moving & Packing Tips from the Experts

Just moving across town? It can be frustrating knowing you have to pack up all of your belongings just to move to the other end of Minneapolis. But, don’t be tricked into thinking that an in-town move will be easier than if you were moving across the country. Many home and business owners have stated that a short distance move is actually harder than a long distance one due to the amount of work that goes underestimated.

Although you still need to pack and hire professional movers and moving services, there are some different approaches to how you pack and plan for your short distance move. As expert providers of moving services for Minneapolis, we’d like to offer you a short checklist of points to consider. And, when you’re ready for your Minneapolis move, contact the professionals at 1st Choice Movers to learn more about our moving services and all we can do for you!

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Since you likely have more wiggle room with the timing of your move, make your packing as painless as possible. Pack a little bit every night and take time to plan out the best way to organize the boxes and label them.

Also, do you need to bring everything to your new home? Make a trip to a thrift store or donation box to give away what you can’t sell. Remember to get receipts and write-off forms for the value of what was donated for tax purposes.

Is your new home available to you prior to your official moving day? If so, take over a few small loads and leave the big stuff for your professional movers. On the small trips, begin with items you are not currently using like seasonal clothing, sports equipment, books, decorations and more. Rather leave it up to the professionals? No problem, our moving services can take care of this on the big day.

Try to wait until the day before you move to pack any food items you will be taking. And, if you are taking them over to the new home ahead of time, make sure to pack them all in the same load so no food gets left out to spoil.

Also, don’t forget the small stuff like filing a change of address with the post office. Also change your address with the DMV, credit cards, memberships, magazines, newspaper etc. Drive around your new neighborhood and discover what you are close to: restaurants, fire stations, convenience stores, parks, grocery stores and more.

When it comes to your short distance move, it’s not so different from a long distance one. But, one thing is for sure; you will need the help of professional movers and the moving services they provide.

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