Hiring Professional Movers for Your Minnesota Move

Planning a move? You may be considering whether you should hire professional movers or go the DIY route. While doing it yourself is always an option, hiring professional movers can save you a lot of stress, hassle and back-breaking work. But, how do you choose the right moving services for your Minnesota move? There are a multitude of variables to look into, but here are two you may not have already considered.moving services minnesota 1st choice movers

Moving Box Program & Packing Services

Does the company you are considering offer a moving box program and packing services? With these kinds of moving services you won’t need to worry about seeking out cardboard boxes at grocery stores around your home looking for boxes. These boxes can often be dirty and structurally unsound for moving.

And, with proper moving boxes, supplies and packing from professional moving services, you can rest assured your belongings are packed properly. If you choose 1st Choice Movers you can simply give us a call, let us know how many boxes you’ll need, and we will work out the details with you for your move. We can also provide bubble wrap, stretch wrap and other important items you will need for packing.

We have various sizes and types of boxes you can use for your move, including wardrobe boxes, dish boxes and more.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

This may seem like a no-brainer but it is so important to read customer testimonials to learn more about the moving services a company provides for their customers. Here are a few of our favorites written by happy 1st

Choice Movers customers:

I just wanted to thank you for all of your time, attention and patience through my move. You were fantastic! I had to change my move in date with you three times and your patience and ability to accommodate me each time diffused a stressful situation. Your movers were very polite, friendly and eager to help me anyway they could. I would also like to comment on your storage of my possessions, in short, perfect! Everything was in great shape and nothing was delivered broken. I feel your company went above and beyond.. – Sandie Stanley

I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our move this past Saturday. Salvadore, Germaine, and Daniel were fast, courteous and professional. All three are great guys and were a pleasure to work with. Since we’re downsizing, we color-coded our furniture as to where it was to go and how it was to load. They followed our instructions perfectly and the move went without incident. (They also “gift-wrapped” our furniture going into storage which was a pleasant surprise!) We would recommend 1st Choice to anyone considering a move. – Mark & Sherrie Krueger

You are the only moving company that 1) sends thank you notes 2) deliver boxes 3) have very hard working movers that look out for the customer. This last move…I expected almost double of what it actually cost. Your movers are awesome. IF I ever move again, I will definitely be in touch…I so appreciate you and I will advise my friends of your fantastic services. – Diane

So, when you need a reliable and reputable moving service in Minnesota, call 1st Choice Movers at 763-559-5934 or you can contact us for a Free Estimate.