Deciding Between a DIY Move and Hiring the Professionals

Have you moved yourself in the past? Or, invited a few friends over to help you load up the nearest pickup truck? While DIY moving does have a few perks, hiring professional residential movers comes with some of its very own. And, as you accumulate more stuff and more members of your family, the advantages of hiring professional movers continues to grow. Not sure if you should hire someone or do it yourself? As trusted residential movers for the Twin Cities we’d like to provide you with some information to consider when making the decision.

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The Real Price of DIY Moving

Renting a moving truck or borrowing a friend’s pickup may come at a lower price tag but the added stress and exertion must also be considered. And while the initial cost may seem tempting there are several hidden costs you may be overlooking.
Many people forget to include tolls, packing materials, the cost of their time and the cost of fuel into the total for renting a truck. The difference in the price of moving yourself verses hiring professional residential movers usually isn’t worth the stress, sweat and aggravation of moving on your own. And, renting a truck isn’t always the bargain it seems to be.

The Help You Need

As your family has grown or your taste for the finer things in life has grown, you may not realize just how much you’ve accumulated. It is important to really take a look at everything you have and decide if it’s something you and your friends or family could manage to move.

Moving and packing is labor-intensive and it isn’t always something friends and relatives can manage. If you have a considerable inventory to transport and some of it is valuable or irreplaceable, think twice. Friends are not necessarily experienced movers and are not insured for damages. If your friend breaks the stereo, there really isn’t anything you can do about it.
Professional movers can save you a lot of stress and you might be surprised how affordable residential movers can be.

Safety Considerations

Rental trucks, desks sliding around the back of pickups and mattresses tied to roofs aren’t always the safest. If you’re not experienced with driving big trucks or properly securing furniture, accidents can happen.

With professional residential movers they take care of all of this for you for a safer, smoother moving experience.

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