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Packing Tips

Moving can be a stressful time period. There are many decisions to make, and it can be tough to make sure you have all of your Ts crossed and Is dotted. As a moving company in Hennepin County, we have helped countless people like you with their move. One of the most taxing aspects of any move is packing. So here are a few tips from our moving company on how to make this chore go a bit easier and how to pack various items in your home.

Fine China

Get clean newsprint paper and place that in the bottom of a box. This will give it some extra cushioning for when your moving company arrives to take it from your old home to your new home. Then you should take the time to carefully wrap each piece of china in clean newsprint or bubble wrap. Then surround each bundle with more newsprint and be sure there are no unfilled spaces in the box. Then add a few inches of crushed paper on top of the packed china. Each box can have a few layers of china packed into it, as long as you are sure to wrap each piece on its own and leave plenty of cushioning in between each layer. Just be sure to use a small or medium sized box for this.

Bedding and Towels

Bedding and soft items like towels can be easily packed for your moving company. Simply place the bedding and towels in the box, and then separate them with a layer or two of clean paper. This will also help you keep your bedding and soft items organized during your move and after your moving company leaves. Bedding and soft items can be packed in larger boxes since these tend to be lightweight, depending on the type of bedding that’s packed in there.

Breakable Figurines

If you have any breakable figurines or statues, carefully wrap each piece in bubble wrap. Then take some clean paper and wrap them in that as well. Gently place each item in a small or medium box and then pack any extra space with clean newsprint or more bubble wrap.

We hope you find these tips helpful! Just remember our moving company has a Free Box Program, and we also offer free bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes and other moving supplies.

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How to Make a Smooth Commercial Move

Relocating your business is a stressful time. There is so much to think about and coordinate. It can sometimes get a bit overwhelming! Fortunately, as commercial movers in Scott County – and business owners ourselves – we understand the stress you face when making a commercial move. We have a few suggestions for you on how to make the move easier and less stressful.

Inform Vendors, Suppliers and, Most Importantly, Customers

As soon as you know where you’re moving and have a moving date in mind, be sure to let people like your vendors and suppliers know. You should also let customers know as well by sending out some type of flyer or email. You can also hang up a sign of some sort as well. Let people know when you expect to be in your new location, plus an address or directions to your new location.

Hire Commercial Movers

Give us a call and let us know where you are currently located and where you are moving to. As long as it is within the state of Minnesota, we can help! We will send our commercial movers to your location on your moving day to take care of moving your furniture and other items while you’re busy tackling other tasks, like keeping your employees organized and handling all of the other tasks that come up.

Plan Ahead

Visit your new location (if you can) and start planning the new layout. Get an idea of where you want each employee to sit and where you want furniture placed. See what items you might need to purchase for your new space as well. Then be sure to let your employees know where they will be sitting and how everything will be arranged. If you can tell your commercial movers where to put the furniture on your moving day, this will help make your life easier after the commercial movers leave. That way, you won’t have to worry about moving heavy furniture around. We will have already taken care of that for you!

Keep Employees in the Loop

Throughout the entire moving process, it’s important to let your employees know what to expect. Be sure everyone knows when you are moving, where the new office is and what is expected of them leading up to when your commercial movers arrive. Should they report to work on moving day, or will that be a work-from-home day?

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Our New Website!

If you are familiar with 1st Choice Movers and our old website, you might be pleasantly surprised to see we’ve made (more than) a few changes around here! We just launched a newly redesigned website, and we are so excited about it!

Our new website offers the same information as before, but it also features even more details about our professional moving company and all of the services we offer to both residential and commercial customers.

You can get plenty of details and other pertinent information by visiting the Moving Services page. The residential movers and commercial movers pages feature more details about the moving services we offer, and you can even read testimonials about our services from happy customers! The drop-down menu across the top of the website also has a link to our Free Box Program. If you click on this link, you will learn more about how we offer our customers the use of our moving boxes at no cost! You just have to put down a deposit and return the boxes in good condition after you are done using them. It’s that simple!

Another part of the site we’d like to draw your attention to is the Moving Tips page. This part of the site offers some great advice about how to make your move as stress-free and efficient as possible. It even offers tips on how to move with children and with pets. You can also get more information on how to get your items ready for your professional movers. And we also offer tips on how to move computer equipment and other electronics, plus how to pack your boxes so they can be safely moved from your current location to your new location. Also on this page, you will find a list of restricted items that we cannot move for you, such as gasoline, paint, tires, firewood and more.

And if you are interested in reading what our satisfied clients have to say about us, you can always visit our Testimonials page!

Finally, you can get a Free Estimate through the contact form on our site. If you submit a request through this part of the site, someone from 1st Choice Movers will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate or to get more information from you, if needed.

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What 1st Choice Movers Can Do for You

When you hire a moving company, you may be wondering, “What do I get out of this?” Many moving companies promise the moon, but at the end of the day, what are you really getting for your money? It’s important to have a clear idea of the type of company you’re working with and what you’re going to get out of the experience. We’ll give you an idea of some of the services we provide exclusively to our clients.

Free Estimates & Mid-Month Discounts

If you’re in the process of selecting a moving company, we’ll provide you with a free estimate for our services. We are upfront with our pricing, which will give you the peace of mind to commit to using our team of professional movers. If your moving date is flexible, take advantage of our mid-month discounts. You get our top-notch service at a reduced rate. What could be better? Contact us to get on the schedule today.

Free Use of Boxes Program & Other Free Moving Materials

You have enough to worry about when you’re planning a move. Don’t stress yourself out over finding a large quantity of boxes that you’re only going to use once. We provide a free use of moving boxes program, where you put down a deposit, but get a full refund when the boxes are returned in good order. We also provide free bubble wrap, stretch wrap and wardrobe boxes on moving day. We’re here to help your move go as smoothly as possible.

 Usage of Secure Storage Facility

For those who use our moving services, we have a storage facility  for your usage. There is a fee to store your belongings in our storage area, but it’s a safe and secure facility. Bypass another Twin Cities storage company and choose a company that can help you move and store your items.

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Tips on Choosing a Storage Company

Do you need a storage company? Twin Cities-area moving company 1st Choice Movers has a few tips on how to choose one that will best suit your needs.

The first thing you want to think about is how much space you will need for the items you need stored. Remember that you will be able to stack a lot of your items, especially if they are in boxes.

From there, look into security. Does the storage company offer 24/7 security in the form of cameras, locked doors, gated entrance, etc.? Will you be able to access your items after hours?

Is the storage company clean? Are the workers there friendly and knowledgeable, and do they seem concerned about customer service and satisfaction? You want to be sure you will be dealing with a storage company that looks out for their customers and their items, like we do at 1st Choice Movers. Also, double-check and make sure there are working smoke alarms and fire detectors. Look into getting insurance for your items, either through the storage company itself or through an outside insurance company.

Also, you might want to ask the storage company if there are any deals or discounts they can give you.

1st Choice Movers offers storage services to its customers. Our facilities are convenient, secure and clean. Short-term or long-term? It doesn’t matter. We can store your items for as long (or short) of a time frame as you need. You can pick them up at your convenience, and you can be sure you’ll get plenty of personalized attention from us since we’re not a huge chain with a lot of bureaucratic red tape!

So when you need a reliable, secure and convenient storage company in the Twin Cities area, call 1st Choice Movers at 763-559-5934 or Contact Us.