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When Moving Day Arrives: Tips, Tricks & Must-Haves for the Big Day

Residential moving can be a daunting, overwhelming task to take on. One way to avoid the pitfalls of moving day is to hire a residential moving company. Local homeowners and buyers have been entrusting 1st Choice Movers for years with all of their residential moving needs in Ramsey County. We are here to help your move go as smoothly as possible and would like to provide a few tips, tricks and supplies essential to the big day. With preparation comes the promise of an easier day. The following is a set of tips that can help make your move an altogether smoother process for you and your family.

  • Create and follow a budget. In addition to the cost of hiring a residential moving company, make sure to budget for other smaller elements of your move. Some of these may include boxes, bubble wrap, storage services, gas, pet or child care—really any costs that may arise related to your move.
  • When it comes to residential moving, keep a printed list, folder or digital file to help ensure proper organization for moving day. Stow away important paperwork, business cards and notes. Staying organized keeps all that you need in one place, ridding you of worry and the potential for panic.
  • A couple of days before your move, consider heading over to the new dwelling to do any prep work. Clean, put some food and drink in the house—get any advance work out of the way to ease the burden of the big day itself.
  • Keep some extra empty boxes around. You may have forgotten to clean out under the bathroom sink or the small closet right beside it. Times like these, extra boxes (and packing tape) are invaluable.
  • You might need to do some quick cleaning on moving day, so having a multi-purpose cleaner around is helpful as well.
  • Even if you were done packing before your residential moving team arrived, you still might want to have a permanent marker or two on hand. You might notice that you forgot to label a box or another item and having a marker ready for this task can make it a bit less frustrating and time-consuming.
  • Don’t forget to leave a spare roll of toilet paper in your bathroom, and be sure to have a roll or two of paper towels too. Spills and accidents happen, so it makes those situations a lot less stressful if the paper towels are easy to find.
  • Not only are trash bags good to have one lying around so people have somewhere to throw their trash but they are also good to carry items in, including softer items you might have to pack at the last minute, like bedding or towels.

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Organizing Your Crazy Residential Move

Few things are more hectic than moving out of your home and into a new one. As your moving day approaches, you likely have a lot of loose ends to tie up and it can be difficult to keep everything organized. This is especially true when it comes to packing and planning. As professional residential movers for St Paul and the surrounding areas, we would like to offer up some of our expertise and experience to help you keep all your ducks in a row. We have helped so many families and businesses move to new locations that we would like to share some of the tips we have come across that will aid in the process.


Declutter: Out with the Old

As you begin to pack and place all of the contents of your home into moving boxes, be sure to take a look at your items and assess whether or not they’re something you really need. Will these items bring you joy in your new home? If you’re deciding to put items into storage, are they necessary to store and keep around? Or, would someone else benefit from them more? Many local charitable organizations exist that will gladly take your gently used items to help those less fortunate. This policy will aid in your effort to minimize the volume of possessions to move, making your move easier as well as preventing clutter in your new home.

Label: What’s Where

Write on your boxes what exists within the boxes; both as far as items themselves and, if known in advance, what room they should end up in within your home. This not only helps you but your residential movers as well. Pack essential items last, allowing them to be the first thing accessed from your car or the moving truck.

List: What to do When

Make a to-do list of everything you have to do in order to prepare for your move. Include packing, change of address, hiring residential movers, etc. If you have any upcoming moving-related appointments, write them down so you can keep track of them. This is also a great way to keep track of items you will need for your new home.

Line it Up: What’s Ready to Move

Tape your boxes closed once they are completely full. Also, if weight is a question on any individual box, extra taping along the seams and openings can reinforce the box itself. Your residential movers will be able to answer any questions about weight. Be sure shake your box once it is sealed and full. Should there be movement, fill them to the brim and cushion with excessive amounts of packing paper. Then, line up all of your fully packed boxes and organize them by room and get them ready for your residential movers.

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The Hottest Time to Move: Tips for Summer Moving

We can’t always choose when we move but for many, summer ends up being the most convenient and the most common time of year to move. The kids are out of school, the weather is nice and home buying season is in full swing. There may even be a sudden change of jobs or living situation that requires a move during the hottest time of the year. This time of year can be busy and the intense heat can make moving uncomfortable. But you don’t need to let the stress of moving overwhelm you. We are movers for Minneapolis, and we want to provide some tips in case you find yourself moving this summer.


1. Get Organized & Plan Ahead

Moving in July? Start your research of movers early and begin planning in May. At the very least, book your movers six weeks ahead of time. Start notifying the right people and companies that you’ll be moving soon and give them a date to forward or terminate service.

2. Start Packing

Start packing things into boxes. Figure out the logistics of the move, travel plans and if other specialized plans need to be made. Schedule a “move out” cleaning service, carpet cleaners and heavy appliance disposal if necessary so you don’t end up having to clean and figure all this out on the hottest day of the year.

3. Get Rid of Frozen Foods

Start eating all the frozen foods you have, or give them to a neighbor or friend. This way you won’t have to throw them away on moving day, or worry about packing an ice chest to keep them cool.

4. Prepare for Your First Days

Place necessities such as toiletries, toilet paper, rags, “must-have” cooking supplies and organize them in boxes marked “open first” so it’s easy to find the initial items you’ll want handy on those first few days of being in your next home. Our movers will pay attention to these labels and make sure boxes make it to the right room.

5. Keep Cool

Think about air conditioning at both ends of the move. The doors to your home will be open for extended periods of time and the temperature inside will reflect the temperature outside so prepare accordingly. Also, make plans for your pets in order to keep them out of the heat and out of the way of movers.

If you will be moving during the summer, be sure to call on our movers in Minneapolis. We can make your move an enjoyable experience no matter the time of year. Give 1st Choice Movers a call at 763-559-5934 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.

Professional Moving Tips and Unpacking Tricks

Now that we’ve covered packing and moving tips, it’s time to address some of our top unpacking tips and tricks! Just when you think the most stressful part of your move is over, it’s time to unpack! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make this process easier. As residential and commercial professional movers in Anoka County, we have learned some great tricks over the years about how to make unpacking a little less painful and a lot more fun.

professional movers

Evaluate the Situation

Start by making sure all of your moving boxes are in the right rooms. While it might seem easier to just start unpacking in one main room and then distribute your items and belongings throughout the rest of your new house, it actually ends up creating even more work for you. Our professional movers will always do their best to ensure your boxes are placed in the right rooms. However, if your moving boxes are not labeled, they might not end up in the exact right place. Either way, place the boxes and other items where they should be before you begin to unpack.

Begin Unpacking

Not totally sure where to begin? Start with the essential rooms. For most people, those rooms are the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms (excluding the guest room). Unpack the kitchen items you will definitely need for the next couple of days, like plates, silverware and drinking glasses. Next, make your bed and your family members’ beds so you have somewhere comfortable to sleep at night. This will be especially beneficial if you are tired and sore from your moving day. Our professional movers will make sure your bed is placed in the correct room, so you will not have to worry about moving mattresses and box springs while you are unpacking and getting organized.

Finish Unpacking the Fun Stuff

And finally, when you are finished up with the essentials, continue unpacking room by room. Envision your items and decorations where you think they will look best and then go from there. And, remember to pace yourself! Everything doesn’t have to be unpacked in one day. Even for professional movers, it is a process that’s best done over the course of several days. And, don’t forget to have fun with it! Involve the whole family in setting up the look and feel of your new living space.

If you would like more information about packing, unpacking and professional movers in Anoka County, call 1st Choice Movers at 763-559-5934 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.

10 (More) Professional Moving Tips from the Experts

When planning a big move, you can never get enough moving tips, am I right? At 1st Choice Movers we provide residential moving for St Paul and the surrounding areas and we know a thing or two about planning a successful move. So here are a few easy tips from the professionals to help make your move a much smoother one:

residential moving
  1. When packing up your closet, keep clothes on their hangers for much faster packing and unpacking. When you choose 1st Choice Movers, we provide the free use of wardrobe boxes! Each 4’x3’ box comes with a metal rod so you can simply take your clothing directly out of your closet on their hangers and hang them up in the boxes. We can provide as many boxes as you need!
  2. Vacuum seal any out-of-season clothing or any clothing you don’t plan on wearing anytime soon. Not only will they take up less space, they will be a breeze to unpack and go directly into storage at the new home.
  3. Try color-coding. Pick a color code for each room in the new home and label that room’s boxes accordingly with brightly colored tape. Then, label the door of each room with the corresponding sticker/tape so everyone, including your residential moving company, will know exactly where to place the boxes. With 1st Choice Movers, we can even provide these color coding systems and labels for you!
  4. Try numbering your boxes. Make a list of what’s in each box by number. This can help you make sure you aren’t forgetting anything.
  5. Hire professional movers especially if you have a lot of fragile valuables. Also, remember to book your residential moving company weeks in advance. Moving on the last day of the month? This is an especially busy residential moving time; so be sure you book well in advance.
  6. Fill in nail holes in your previous home with a bar of soap.
  7. Change your address at least two weeks prior to your move. And, don’t forget the small stuff like magazine subscriptions!
  8. If you have some items that you want to get rid of, schedule for a charity organization to come pick up your items at least one week before your residential moving company arrives. Or, if you prefer to sell, start selling online at least six weeks before moving.
  9. Make your last and final grocery trip two weeks prior to moving in order to cut down on what you need to throw away when it comes to moving time. And, don’t forget to defrost your refrigerator at least one day before moving and wipe up any liquid.
  10. For same-city moves, hiring a sitter for children and pets can help alleviate some of the stress.

We hope some of these tips help you on your upcoming move. And, we hope you choose 1st Choice Movers when it comes time. If you need more information about residential moving in St Paul, give us a call at 763-559-5934 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.