Alleviate Your Moving Days Stressors

Ah yes, moving day is here. May the stresses commence, take hold.

Moving is daunting, overwhelming, frequently too much to want to deal with. Once way to avoid the miseries and pitfalls of  moving day is to hire a residential moving company. Twin Cities homeowners and buyers trust our team to handle moves of all sizes.

The following is a set of tips that can help make your move an altogether easier process for you and your family. With preparation comes the promise of an easier day when you move your wares and your family to new whereabouts.

  • Keep a notebook, folder or digital file to help ensure proper organization for moving day. Stow away important paperwork, business cards and notes. Staying organized keeps all that you need in one place, ridding your of worry that and the potential for panic.
  • Create a budget, plan it and stick to it. In addition to the cost of hiring a residential moving company, budget for other, lesser expenses such as boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, storage services, gas—anything cost that may arise related to your move.
  • Get online or go to your local post office and complete a change of address form. Get your new utilities set up and running well in advance of the move. Have the electric company turn the electricity on the day before your residential moving team is set to move you. That way, if you need to run the heat or air conditioning to make the house comfortable, you will have a chance to do that.
  • A couple of days before the move, you should consider heading over the new dwelling to any prep work that is needed. Clean, put some food and drink in the house—get any advance work out of the way to ease the burden of the big day itself.
  • Sketch out a floor plan of your new home, plot where it is that each piece of furniture will go. This will make it easier on you and your residential moving team to get the big things to their right spot, right away.
  • Keep a pack of permanent markers on hand. It is often on moving day itself that you discover what you have forgotten, even if it is just labeling a box. Having a pack around will help you spot them right away, as opposed to having to seek them out.
  • You might need to pack a box or two (or more!) on moving day, or you might need to open a box for some reason and then reseal it. Either way, you are going to want to make sure you have an extra roll or two of packing tape laying around, just in case.
  • Keep some extra empty boxes around. You may have forgotten to clean out under the bathroom sink or the small closet right beside it. Times like these, extra boxes (and packing tape) are invaluable.
  • Always leave a spare roll of toilet paper in your bathroom. Be sure to have a roll or two of paper towels too. Spills and accidents happen, so it makes those situations a lot less stressful if the paper towels are easy to find. You might also need to do some on the spot cleaning, and having the extra paper towels around will come in handy for that too.
  • As mentioned, you might need to do some quick cleaning on moving day, so having a multi-purpose cleaner around is helpful as well.
  • Not only are trash bags good to have one lying around so people have somewhere to throw their trash but they are also good to carry stuff in, especially smaller, softer items you might have to pack at the last minute, like bedding or towels.

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