5 Tips to Reduce Stress on Moving Day

Moving into your first home or a new home can be exciting! There are a lot of things to think about, though. As a local to Twin Cities residential moving company, we have moved a lot of people all over Minnesota and have a lot of experience. So, here are some tips to make the moving process a little easier.

1. Label the Boxes

Label your boxes in a systematic way that is going to be most helpful to you.  Bedroom, kitchen, living/family room, etc.  Label boxes appropriately for what will be need immediately.   When you unpack them, it will be easier to prioritize what you need to get done first.

2. Provided Supplies on the Day of Move

For your conveniences, on the day of move we provide free use of wardrobe boxes for moving closet clothing, bubble wrap for artwork, glass, mirrors and TVs, protective padding and stretch wrap for furniture, dollies, tools, floor covering and all equipment necessary to perform a safe and efficient move.

3. Check the Weather

If inclement weather on the day of move, we will take extra precautionary steps to make sure we have plenty of cover for furniture and floors.  If its snowy, be sure to clear walkways at your current location as well as the new location.  This will make the move more efficient and safe for your moving team.

4. Work Together


On your moving day, everyone needs to work together.  If you have children, and you are able, it may be wise to have someone look after them on your designated moving day.  There should  be an overall plan for the efficient moving of your belongings and everyone involved needs to communicate with each other throughout the moving process.

5. Current and Destination Preparations

Don’t forget to make necessary preparations at your current and new locations.  Before the truck and moving crew leave your current location, make a final walk through to make sure all your items that need to be moved have been loaded on the truck.  Make sure the truck and moving crew are able to get as close to your new location as possible.  Also, have a general idea of which room you want your items to go in.  This will make it easier and more efficient for our team to assist you.

6. Breathe

Take a deep breath!  Everything will be ok in the end.  Our team of movers will help to greatly reduce the stress associated with moving.  We’ll handle all the heavy lifting.  All we ask of you is to let the movers help you with all your moving needs.

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